AWS Blogs

Here are a series of blog articles to help you get started and become an expert in AWS. Do look at them in the same order. I do conduct deep dive trainings on AWS. If interested please contact me at

-- Useful resources for AWS

-- Getting started with AWS

-- Creating a Billing Alarm in AWS

-- Creating a Key Pair for EC2

-- Using putty to convert pem to ppk format

-- Creating a security group

-- Creating a Linux EC2 instance and logging into it

-- Creating a Windows EC2 and logging into it

-- Which EC2 instance to use to meet our requirements?

-- Which EBS type to use to meet our requirements?

-- Creating a static website on a Linux EC2 instance

-- AWS Regions and Availability Zones

-- Finding all the AWS resources in our account

-- Creating an alarm in CloudWatch for a Linux EC2 instance

-- Creating a Linux AMI from an EC2 instance

-- Attaching an EBS Disk to a Linux Instance

-- AWS Lambda with Serverless framework

-- Converting Airline dataset from the row format to columnar format using AWS EMR

-- Processing the Airline dataset with AWS Athena

-- Accessing the EMR Web Consoles

-- Creating a Thumbnail using AWS Lambda (Serverless Architecture)

-- AWS SES for sending emails using Java

-- Support for other languages in AWS Lambda

-- Automating EBS Snapshot creation

-- Creating an Application Load Balancer and querying it's logging data using Athena

-- Is it on AWS?

-- Different ways of replicating data in S3

-- How to get familiar with the different AWS Services quickly?

-- EMR logging into the master instance

-- Different ways of executing the Big Data processing jobs in EMR

-- Getting the execution times of the EMR Steps from the CLI

-- Getting notified for any state change in the AWS resources (like EC2 going down)

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