AWS Articles

Here are a series of blog articles to help you get started and become an expert in AWS. We do conduct deep dive trainings on AWS with good emphasis on the practical aspects. If interested please contact us at

Getting started with AWS

-- Useful resources for AWS

-- How to get familiar with the different AWS Services quickly?

-- Getting started with AWS

-- Creating a Billing Alarm in AWS

-- AWS Regions and Availability Zones

-- Finding all the AWS resources in our account

-- How to integrate different AWS services to create interesting applications?

-- Interacting with AWS S3 using Java on EC2


-- Creating a Key Pair for EC2

-- Using putty to convert pem to ppk format

-- Creating a security group

-- Creating a Linux EC2 instance and logging into it

-- Creating a Windows EC2 and logging into it

-- Which EC2 instance to use to meet our requirements?

-- Which EBS type to use to meet our requirements?

-- Creating a static website on a Linux EC2 instance

-- Creating an alarm in CloudWatch for a Linux EC2 instance

-- Creating a Linux AMI from an EC2 instance

-- Attaching an EBS Disk to a Linux Instance

-- Automating EBS Snapshot creation

-- Accessing private resources using AWS Client VPN (NEW)

-- Getting notified for any state change in the AWS resources (like EC2 going down)


Big Data in the Cloud

-- Converting Airline dataset from the row format to columnar format using AWS EMR

-- Processing the Airline dataset with AWS Athena

-- Accessing the EMR Web Consoles

-- EMR logging into the master instance

-- Different ways of executing the Big Data processing jobs in EMR

-- Getting the execution times of the EMR Steps from the CLI

-- Creating an Application Load Balancer and querying it's logging data using Athena



-- Different ways of replicating data in S3

-- Amazon Macie and S3 Security



-- AWS Lambda with Serverless framework

-- Creating a Thumbnail using AWS Lambda (Serverless Architecture)

-- Support for other languages in AWS Lambda

-- Is it on AWS?



-- Installing WordPress on AWS Cloud

-- How to integrate different AWS services to create interesting applications?



-- How to use Tags in AWS to give resource permissions?

-- How does Key Pair work behind the scenes for Linux EC2 authentication?

-- How the Capital One hack was achieved in the AWS Cloud?

-- Changes to the AWS EC2 Instance Metadata Service (IMDS) around the recent Capital One hack


Kubernetes on AWS

-- K8S Cluster on AWS using EKS

-- Setting up an AWS EKS Cluster with Rancher

-- MicroK8S - Easiest way to get started with K8S for those familiar with AWS

-- Creating a K8S Cluster on AWS using eksctl

-- Running Containers on K8S using AWS Fargate



-- AWS SES for sending emails using Java

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  1. Hi Praveen,

    You are my trainer for Big Data through collabera Tact program few years back. Now i have been working in Big Data Space for a while. Your training was crucial for me to start in Big data.Thank you so much. Currently i am working on some POC for my client. The business objective is Microservice, Event driven, API gateway with Big data implementation. So i am working on some design on Micro service with AWS APi gateway in front to trigger backend service on EMR or spark jobs or any other Big data work loads eihter through any Lamda or cli commands. ( Assuming data is already stored in S3 or HDFS). Any recommendation/suggestion is greatly appreciated.