Thursday, April 13, 2017

Which EBS type to use to meet our requirements?

In the previous blog, I pointed to the approach to figure out the best way to pick the best EC2 instance to meet our requirements. Here is a video to pick the best EBS type. EBS (Elastic Block Storage) is like a Hard Disk Drive which can be attached to the EC2 instance.

The way AWS provides different EC2 instances, there are different EBS types which are basically categorized into SSD and Magnetic. Depending upon if we are looking at high IOPS or throughput, the appropriate EBS type can be picked. Here is a flow chart in the same video to figure out the type of EBS to pick.

One interesting thing to note about EBS is that the EC2 instance and EBS need not be on the same physical machine. That is, the processing and the disk need not be on the same machine. There is a low latency and high throughput between the EC2 and EBS machines.

A good amount of the AWS videos are really good and some of them are so-so. I would be promoting the videos which are really interesting in this blog for the readers.

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