Saturday, October 14, 2017

aws-summary : Different ways of replicating data in S3

S3 has different storage classes with different durability and availability as mentioned here. S3 provides very high durability and availability, but if more is required then CRR (Cross Region Replication) can be used. CRR as the name, replicates the data automatically across buckets in two different regions to provide even more durability and availability.

Here are a few resources around CRR.

About and using CRR

Monitoring the CRR

The below two approaches are for replicating S3 data within the same region which CRR doesn't support.

Content Replication Using AWS Lambda and Amazon S3

Synchronizing Amazon S3 Buckets Using AWS Step Functions

Nothing new here, but a way of consolidating resources around replication of S3 data. AWS has a lot of good resources to get started and also with advanced topics, but they are dispersed and difficult to find out. I will updating this blog as I find new resources around this topic and also based on the comments in this blog.

Also, the above articles/blogs use multiple services from AWS, so it would be a nice way to get familiar with them.

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