Friday, November 22, 2019

How to integrate different AWS services to create interesting applications?

Cloud (AWS or any other) provides a cost efficient and quicker approach of deploying applications. For this AWS provides a myriad of services including EC2, S3, RDS, Rekognition and many more. Each of these individual services are powerful enough. For ex., EC2 provides virtual servers from 1/2 GB (t2.nano) to 3,904 GB (x1e.32xlarge) of RAM. The high end memory instances are used for in-memory databases and analytics. What makes AWS more powerful is integrating these services to meet the business requirements and save cost.

The below web architecture uses WAF, CloudFront, ELB, EC2, EBS, RDS and Auto Scaling services. The architecture can also use Serverless technologies like Lambda, DynamoDB and others to make the application easy to develop/maintain, highly available and scalable.

This blog is all about references with detailed instructions on how to integrate different AWS services to build very interesting applications. It would be a good learning experience for those who are getting started with AWS to try the below and figure out what AWS has to offer.

Architect an Airline Booking Application, End-to-End (incomplete article, but interesting one)

Controlling your AWS costs by deleting unused Amazon EBS volumes

Creating image thumbnails using Lambda and S3 (Serverless)

Converting Airline dataset from the row format to columnar format using AWS EMR

Processing the Airline dataset with AWS Athena

Exploring images on social media using Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Athena

Creating an Amazon Rekognition Lambda Function for video label detection

How to Optimize and Visualize Your Security Groups

Build a Serverless Web Application

How to add file upload features to your website with AWS Lambda and S3

Build a Modern Web Application

Error Processor Sample Application for AWS Lambda

Enable RESTful API to manage the Wild Rydes Unicorn Stable

Serverless Image Handler

How AWS built a production service using serverless technologies

Building a serverless weather bot with two-way SMS, AWS SAM, and AWS Lambda

Please add any additional references in the comments and I would be adding them here.

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