I am `Praveen Sripati` and have more than a decade of experience working in IT. After working on a wide range of technologies, I finally settled with Big Data and Java Programming. End of 2010, I have also briefly developed applications for the iPAD using xCode and Objective-C and found it interesting.

I strongly believe that Hadoop and related Big Data technologies have a long way to to go and so am honing my skills on those frameworks by experimenting it, reading books, blogs, articles, Apache Hadoop Groups and what ever means possible. This blog is all about Hadoop to vent what I have learned about Hadoop and tips which might be useful to others interested in Hadoop. Please feel free to comment your opinions on the blog entries.

I am a Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop CDH4 (CCD-410) and a Hortonworks Certified Apache Hadoop Java Developer. I also had been presenting in the past HUG meetings.

I am also interested in Hadoop Training, Consulting and Solutions. So, had been conducing B2B and B2C (Online and Classroom) Trainings around Hadoop and related Big Data technologies. For more details on the training please contact me at praveensripati@gmail.com and also check this page.

I had been using Ubuntu since 2005 and am always very excited about using Ubuntu on a day-2-day basic. There are many reasons why I like it more and more, the more I use it. Some of them are the range of excellent software available for free, no degradation of the performance with time, no virus/malware and no limits to the customization that can be done (imagination is the only limitation). Along the same philosophy, Firefox is again my primary browser, unless the site is specifically designed for Internet Explorer which is more of a legacy. I am using GIMP to create images for this blog. Find useful tips about Ubuntu on my other blog at onlyubuntu.com.

BTW, I am addicted to StackOverflow and a query with 'hadoop' or 'mapreduce' or 'hdfs' tag would definitely draw my attention.

If interested in Big Data training, Consulting, Projects please contact me at praveensripati@gmail.com.

Happy Hadoop'ing :)
Note : The opinions I express in this blog are my own and no way related with any others (individual and organizations). Also, the contents can be copied or can be used as-is with a reference to the original entry as "This article originally appeared in ......" at the beginning.