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The way we are building applications had been changing from monolithic to microservice based architecture. The new microservice based architecture is agile when compared to the monolithic and provides many more advantage. Some of the software projects in the past implemented or coded the microservices concepts on a per project or a per organization basis and there was no standardization or patterns around it. Lot of code had to be built again and again.

Things are changing. Microservices are based on Containers and for the last few years there had been standards and open source projects around them. These open source projects addressed some of the common concerns and problems around Containers. This way the developers can focus on the business logic and not on the underlying technology related concerns. Some of the open source projects in the Containers space are mentioned below. The ecosystem around them is changing rapidly, so I emphasize the word SOME again. Most of  these projects fall under Cloud Native Computing Foundation and not under the Apache Software Foundation, so it it would be interesting to follow the CNCF blog here.
As mentioned this is a rapidly changing space and will change how we build and deploy the applications in the future. To help the readers of blog, I will be writing articles around Containers. Containers can be deployed in the local machine and also in the  Cloud, I would be covering both of them. This page is a summarization of the same. Keep looking !!!

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