Friday, April 16, 2021

Bicycling - my new hobby

It had been quite some time I blogged here. Lately I had been a bit busy with personal and professional work and didn't get much of a chance to post here. This blog is not about technology, but about a new passion which I got bitten into lately.

With the pandemic it had been tough to hit the gym and get some exercise and travelling has come to stand still. And so, I got into the habit of bicycling with my son. I bought a BTWIN Riverside 120 a hybrid bike three months back from Decathlon and really getting the kick out of it. Initially it was about 15 km round trip, but occasionally we had been riding about 40 km also. We had been exploring new routes on a regular basis and I never knew that so many nice places existed around me. We get started early before it gets too hot. We load up with lots of water to keep us hydrated and energy bars to push us. 

Fortunately, we have Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park a few km drive from our house and we had been hitting it quite often. And also, for whatever reason it has not become a concrete jungle as of now. Fingers crossed, we hope it remains the same for ever.

First few days I used to use MapMyRide on my mobile to keep track of the route, time and distance bicycled. But, it had become more of a distraction than something useful. So, stopped using it and started enjoying the places around me and be in the movement. Over time I had become averse of gadgets for some reason and try to keep it as simple as possible. I could have bought a GoPro, Garmin device, but charging, transferring the data etc. nah nah nah.

It' a bit tough to carry a DSLR on the bicycle, but I had been using my mobile phone to take a few pictures here and there.  Below are few of the pictures from my trip. Planning to buy a car rack, so that we can explore a bit far away places, but for now we are exploring places which are within 10 to 20 km radius from where we stay.

Hope you like the pictures, I will try to keep the blog updated with pictures of any good locations I come across. Meanwhile, stay healthy and keep safe.

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