Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Big Data and Security

Sometime back I accidentally came across a security blog by Brain Kerbs, called Krebs on Security. Recently BusinessWeek published an article on him and Sony plans to make a movie of the same. He was the one who broke the Target security breach here. Once I started following his blog, I began thinking twice before spending online using my Credit Card.
Security Circus by Alexandre Dulaunoy from Flickr under CC
So, why all of a sudden a discussion about security now. With the Big Data tools like Hadoop getting commoditized, enterprises have an option to store more and more data with less thought on the implications. The more the data stored, the more we have to think about authentication, authorization and auditing.

If someone follows the Big Data space closely, new features are added to the existing frameworks and very often new frameworks are introduced, but very few of them revolve around security. The awareness around Big Data security is also less, the Big Data vendors should take up the additional responsibility of educating the end users around security by publishing more blogs, articles, webinars, code example and what ever means possible.

In an upcoming blog, I will blog about the current state of the ecosystem around Big Data security. To quote Uncle Ben `With great power comes great responsibility` and we need to be more and more responsible around data.

Note (19th April, 2014) : Here is a short interview of Brain Kerbs in CNN.

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