Saturday, April 26, 2014

Automating things using IFTTT

I am big fan of automation and recently was looking for a way to automatically tweet when I publish a new blog. Found which allows to create recipes like these and share with others. The recipes run every 15 minutes, so there is a delay of maximum 15 minutes between publishing a new blog and getting it posted into Twitter.
The acronym IFTTT is a bit cryptic to remember and expands to `IF This Then That`. The service had been running for almost 4 years, but had been a bit flaky when using it.

Was not able to create recipes for the first time and was also not able to add LinkedIn as a channel. Also, it's not possible to create multiple channels of the same type. For example, the new blog event cannot be send to multiple Twitter account. I had to create multiple accounts with IFTTT so as to add multiple Twitter channels. Also, creating multiple triggers for a single recipe is not possible for now. Also, it would be nice to have some complex recipes like if-then-else and others.

The recipes has already been created for any new blog posted here to be tweeted, need to wait and see if this post gets tweeted or not.

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