Monday, June 25, 2012

`Graph Processing Applications` Session @ HUG-Hyderabad

Last Saturday (23rd June, 2012) took a session on `Graph Processing Applications` @ Hyderabad-HUG. The session went very good and the response from the audience (~80) was also positive. Some of the audience asked for more technical details with a demo on Hama/Giraph. I plan to take another session in the near future on the same.

Here is the presentation I used for the session

Some were not familiar with graphs, so I started with a basic introduction to graphs and then talked about the different graph processing frameworks (Giraph, Hama) and about the graph databases (Neo4J).

Broadridge was very good at hosting the event, felt at home giving the session. Overall, I am very much satisfied with the session and plan to take a few more related to Big Data. Ed and Thomas had been very helpful to get me kicked off with Hama and some of the concepts behind BSP. Thanks to both of them.

If anyone is present in Hyderabad, would suggest to follow to this meetup and participate (both at the receiving and giving end) in the upcoming HUG sessions. Also, if the company you are working for is interested in hosting a HUG session @ Hyderabad, please let me know at

Have a nice day !!!

Edit (8 July, 2012) - There is an interesting article in GigaOM on the different alternatives to Hadoop/MapReduce.

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