Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Does Operating Systems really matter?

In the past 1 month I was able to convert two Windows users into Ubuntu and get my kid (4 years old) start with Ubuntu without much difficulty.

The first user wanted me to check why her Windows XP Laptop was slow (was taking ~5 min to boot), with her permission I installed Ubuntu 12.04 with all the required software (like VLC, Media Codecs, Firefox with a couple of extensions, some nice educational games for kids and others). With about 15 minutes of hand holding on Ubuntu, she was able to explore it with much ease.

The second user was using Windows for checking mails, blogging, checking social network sites (Facebook etc) and for Skype. It was snap to get her used to Firefox and Skype on Ubuntu 12.04 again.

My kid just started with computers. I have him use my desktop with Ubuntu 12.04 and he is comfortable with some of the educational games that I have installed on it (GCompris and others) for him.

The above facts made me think if OS really matters anymore as long as equivalent softwares are available on the different Operating Systems? Also, as more and more applications are moving to the web, the significance of a particular operating system is becoming less and less. It's very rare now a days that a particular site works for a particular web site works for a particular browser and not for other, the browser experience is almost the same on any Operating System.

Hope to convert more computer users into Ubuntu !!!

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