Thursday, March 23, 2017

Got through `AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate`

Today I got through the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate. Recently I got an opportunity to work on the AWS Services and so decided to take the certification. It took me close to 60 hours for the preparation. It was fun. So, here it is

I took the extended version of the exam. It had 20 additional questions, 30 more minutes with a nice 50% discount on the price. The additional questions were mixed in the exam and were a bit tough. They were not included in the pass grade. One can't clearly say which were the additional questions. I think Amazon was doing some sort of A/B testing on the certifications and so the discount.

There are a total of 9 certifications (1, 2) including the 3 beta certifications which were introduced this year. For some reason the links to the AWS beta certifications (security, big data and networking) are no more working. I am planning to complete as many as I can, especially the AWS Big Data Specialty Certificate.

Here are a few tips

- Read the user guide and the FAQ for the different services
- Watch the videos in the AWS YouTube channel
- Do practice a lot
Next, I am planning for the `AWS Certified Developer - Associate` for the next certificate. Will update the blog later on the same.

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