Friday, May 2, 2014

Looking for guest bloggers at

The first entry had been posted on 28th September, 2011 on this blog. Initially I started blogging as an experiment, but lately I had been having fun and liking to blog.

Not only the traffic to the blog had been increasing at a very good pace, but also I had been making quite a few acquaintances and also getting a lot of nice and interesting opportunities through the blog. I got offers to write a book, an article, blog on some other sites and others.

I am looking for guest bloggers to this blog. If you or someone else is interested then please let me know

a) a bit about yourself (along with LinkedIn profile)
b) topics you are interested in to write on this blog
c) references to articles written in the past if any
I don't want to put a lot of restrictions around this, but here are a few

a) the article should be authentic
b) no affiliate or promotional links to be included
c) the article can appear elsewhere after 10 days with a back link to the original

I am open to any topics around Big Data, but here are some of the topics I would be interested in

a) a use case on how you company/startup is using Big Data
b) using R/Python/Mahout/Weka for some interesting data processing
c) integrating different open source frameworks
d) comparing different open source frameworks with similar functionalities
e) ideas and implementation of pet projects or POC (Proof Of Concepts)
f) best practices and recommendation
g) views/opinions of different open source framework

As a bonus, if a blog gets posted here then it will also include a brief introduction about the author and a link to his/her LinkedIn profile. This will give enough publicity for the author.

If you are a rookie and writing for the first time, that shouldn't be a problem. Everything begins with a simple start. Please let me know at if you are interested in blogging here.

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