Thursday, January 30, 2014

Resources to get started with Machine Learning

With all the action happening around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (1, 2, 3, 4 etc), looks like this year we would be seeing more and more interesting things happening around Big Data. One of the area we can expect a lot of work to happen in the near future is usability. Some of the the companies like BigML are already working in this space.

ML is being pushed by the availability of the infrastructure at lower costs for the last few years. Amazon has cut the prices 40 times since the launch of AWS. Facebook is using Blu-ray disks to bring down the costs of storing the cold data.

As I continue my journey through learning Machine Learning and Statistical Process, I will keep the Machine Learning page (also available from the top tabs) updated with some of the best resources available (free and commercial). As of now I have seeded with some videos, books, blogs, data sets, use cases. It's nice that the sessions from top universities are being provided for free. Some of these sessions overlap, but they provide a different perspectives around the various aspects of Machine Learning.

With some much information available, it's difficult to focus and to differentiate the best from the others. The ML page is not a comprehensive/perfect/exhaustive list, but it is something to begin with and I will keep it updated as I come across more interesting and useful resources.

If you have and interesting/useful resources to be included to the above mentioned page, send it across to
Machine Learning by Erik Charlton on Flickr under CC

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