Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Phoenix : SQL on HBase

Note : Here is a blog entry from Apache on installing and configuring Phoenix.

Hive can provide an SQL layer on top of HBase. But, Hive is more of batch oriented (aka slow) in nature and cannot be used for interactive ad hoc querying. Though, lately there had been a lot of changes happening to the Hive framework to improve the performance. Toad for Cloud is another tool which enables SQL interaction with the NoSQL databases.

For the past couple of days there had been a flurry of articles (1, 2) and frameworks around executing SQL on Big Data. SQL wrappers on top of Big Data frameworks makes it easy to get started with the Big Data frameworks. The latest in the batch is Phoenix (1, 2) from

As the title of the Cloudera blog (1) says, it took less than 15 minutes to setup Phoenix on top of an existing Hadoop and HBase Cluster.

Follow this blog on more details on Phoenix.

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