Monday, March 25, 2019

Automating Canary deployment with Jenkins, Spinnaker and Prometheus

In one of the previous blog, we looked at Canary deployment and how it can be done with Istio (service mesh). Initially a small percent of the traffic (may be 1%) is sent to the new version and the remaining (99%) is sent to the old version. As performance metrics are met, errors are within limit for the new version then the amount of traffic to the new version is increased incrementally till all the traffic goes to the new version.

We have seen how to do the same manually (again from the previous blog), but the whole thing can be automated using a CI tool (Jenkins etc), CD tool (Spinnaker etc) and a monitoring tool (Prometheus etc).
  • Jenkins workflow gets triggered for changes to Git and a Docker image is built and pushed to image registry.
  • Docker webooks triggers a Spinnaker pipeline to start a Canary Deployment of the new image to a K8S environment.
  • In the Spinnaker pipeline, the metrics from Prometheus are used to scale up or scale down the amount of traffic to the new version of the service using Canary Deployment in an incremental fashion.

Courtesy here

Again there is an interesting article and demo from Kublr around the above flow (excluding the Jenkins part). In the demo the image is built manually and pushed to Docker, which triggers the rest of the workflow. The only thing missing from the demo is the installation, configuration and integration of the different softwares. The setup has already been done and workflow is triggered and the execution shown. It's worth to see the demo and understand how the different pieces fit together.

It's all interesting to see and know how the different pieces fit together in the Microservices world. In the upcoming blogs we will see the steps to setup such an environment from scratch or by using one of the K8S management platforms.

In the case of BigData there were vendors like Cloudera, HortonWorks, MapR who were integrating the different softwares like Hadoop, Hive, Pig, HBase, Cassandra etc and make sure they work nice together. I guess in the K8S space also there will be such vendors. If yes, please update in the comments below.

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