Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crowdfunding for the development of the Ubuntu Phone

I had been using Ubuntu for the last 8-9 years and had been more than happy using it. Initially it didn't support the different connected devices and had to some work around, but lately Ubuntu had been the OS of choice for Desktop and is fastly moving into the data centers also (1, 2). Although Ubuntu releases a new OS version every 6 months, I am stuck with Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) because it's the latest release with a Long Term Support (LTS). Ubuntu LTS versions are released every 2 years and are supported for 5 years, so 12.04 version is supported till April, 2017.

The VM which we are using for the Big Data training uses Ubuntu 12.04 and I distribute it with without any restrictions, the same would have not been possible with a proprietary OS.

Came to know that Canonical the company which is providing commercial support for Ubuntu has started crowdfunding for the development of an Ubuntu phone under Ubuntu Edge. The hardware specs look really cool, which may change over the time of the development.

One of the coolest thing of the mobile is that it can be connected to a desktop and can be used as a desktop. All the files will be on the mobile, so we have the desktop environment in our pocket all the time. The phone can also be dual booted with Android and Ubuntu.

Canonical is aiming for 32 million USD from the crowd for the development of the phone within a months time. It's not a donation, the phone is delivered around May, 2014. It's a all or none, if the $$ target is reached, the development of the phone happens or else the $$ are returned to the payer.

If not interested in buying the phone, a minimum of 20$ can also be given for the initiative. More details of the founder initiative here. This is what I have chosen to contribute, so I am now a founder for this initiative :)

More details about the Ubuntu Edge here.

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