Friday, March 25, 2016

Flight departure delays

The airline dataset is one of the interesting dataset which I came across recently. For 20 (1987 to 2008) years it has the actual/scheduled arrival/departure code, carrier code, flight number and a lot of other details.

From this information we can glean some interesting information like what is the best airline to travel, best time to travel. We can also mash with the weather data set to find out what sort of weather conditions cause flights to get delayed.

In this post I will publish what are the best and worst airport based on the number of delayed flights by departure. Chicago O'Hare International has the maximum number of departure delays (31,21,184). May be the total flights from O'Hare is huge, so I calculated the percentage (49.52%) of the number of departure delays (31,21,184) with the total number of flights (63,02,546) taking of from O'Hare. There are lot of factors influencing the flight delays, but delays are delays and O'Hare is one of the worst airport with respect to delays.

I have used MR programs for figuring out the same, which I would be publishing in the next blog after cleansing them up. For those interested to find out how the airport which is closet to them compares to other airports here is the data.

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