Monday, October 16, 2017

How to get familiar with the different AWS Services quickly?

AWS has got a lot of services and they are introducing new services and a lot of features within them at a very quick pace. It's a difficult task to get in pace with them. New features (small and big) are introduced almost. daily. Here is a blog to get updated on the latest services and features in AWS across different services. In this blog, you will notice that almost every day there is something new.

AWS documentation comes with 'Getting Started' guides/tutorials as the name says to get started with the different AWS Service quickly and don't go into too much of detail. For those who want to become an AWS Architect, an understanding of the different AWS Services is quite essential and these 'Getting Started' guides/tutorials are helpful for the same.

The 'Getting Started' guides/tutorials for different AWS Services have a different URL pattern and so is difficult to figure out. So, a quick Google search with the below URL will find out all the AWS 'Getting Started' guides/tutorials in the AWS documentation for the different services. Click on the Next in the search page to get a few more of them.

Again, I would strongly recommend going through the above  'Getting Started' guides/tutorials for the wannabe AWS Architects. Hope it helps.

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