Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Microsoft commoditizing Big Data

Though I had been an Ubuntu buff for quite some time, I have to accept that Microsoft products work out of the box with little tweaking for good or bad. I had to tweak Ubuntu every once in a while to make the work flows faster and quicker for the tasks I had been doing repeatedly. Also, the learning curve is a bit steep for Linux when compared to Windows platform. Things are slowly changing from a Linux perspective, with Ubuntu leading the effort. But, once you get used to Linux, it's very difficult to go back.

With the Microsoft CEO talking about Big Data (1, 2), it's definite that the whole company will rally (embrace and extend) around Big Data whole heartedly. Microsoft will repeat history with Big Data as done with their other products (commoditized, buggy and easy to use).

Installing/configuring/integrating Big Data products is still a pain, despite the various commercial companies working around Big Data. Getting Microsoft into the Big Data space will keep the different Big Data vendors on their toes and we can expect much more innovation in the usability space.
More lego dudes! by Sappymoosetree from Flickr under CC
Note (18th April, 2014): Here is an article from readwrite resonating the same.

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