Monday, April 7, 2014

Intel and Cloudera Partnership

Intel invests (1, 2) $740 million in Cloudera taking 18% stake in it. Intel would be dropping it's distribution of Hadoop in favor of CDH and the CDH bits will be more and more optimized for the Intel processor. Not sure at what level in the technology stack the optimization would be done, as most of the Big Data frameworks have been developed in Java except for a few like Impala. The Intel Hadoop site still points to the `Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop Software` and not to the distribution from Cloudera.

This partnership makes sense from Intel perspective as more and more data centers are experimenting with AMD processors. From the Cloudera perspective, they would be getting a new distribution channel.

There had been lot of companies around Big Data because of the hype and the open source nature of the Big Data tools. It's good to see consolidation happening around these companies, with the big companies acquiring or forming partnership with the small companies. Consolidation helps to weed out the weaker companies leaving the stronger ones.
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