Monday, January 27, 2014

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One way to get updated with Big Data and any other technology is to closely follow what others had been doing and saying through blogs (both companies and individual). Naturally a companies blog usually puts a positive spin about their services and products, but some of the individual blogs are unbiased about what they write. With so much happening around Big Data, it's not possible to follow the huge number of blogs. One way to get around this is to use an RSS aggregator like Feedly. In spite of RSS aggregators being easy to use and free, their usage has been very limited. Google decided mid of 2013 to discontinue Google Reader and this gave an opportunity for alternate RSS aggregators to spring up.

For those who had been following this blog, you can now subscribe to it by providing your email address on the top right. This way you can be sure that you won't be missing some of the latest happenings around Big Data.

There are claims that email is dead with the advent of social media, but most of us still use it. I am with the strong belief that both email and social media have their own space. The same goes with blogging also, people claim that blogging is dead with the advent of social media.
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