Friday, January 24, 2014

Safari Online All-Access Subscription

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Big data is like a moving target and a month doesn't go by without a new book /  framework / company / VC funding etc around Big Data. So, I finally jumped into the Safari Online Subscription (Individual) to get myself to speed.

I was under the impression they would be offering only O'Reilly publication books, but there are books from a lot of other publishers also as shown here. They have a huge collection of books and videos which can be searched easily using the topic of interest. One of the video I marked is Hilary Mason: Advanced Machine Learning.
There are multiple subscriptions as shown below with Safari Online. And the main advantage of the `ALL-ACCESS` subscription is that it gives access to Rough Cuts which are work-in-progress books, but not yet published. So, I am able to access Apache Hadoop YARN: Moving beyond MapReduce and Batch Processing with Apache Hadoop 2 and other books around some of the latest technologies.
Only gripe is that there is no offline support, so I need to be connected all the time to read the books. Looks like limited offline supported is provided, more details here. Also, multiple books come-up when searching for a particular topic and there is no user rating to decide what book to go with.

Would definitely recommend to go with this subscription for those  who are planning or deep into Big Data.

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