Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Myyrix gets folded into Cloudera

According to the Myrrix site `Myrrix is a complete, real-time, scalable clustering and recommender system, evolved from Apache Mahout.`

Myrrix was founded by Sean Owen, who is also the author of `Mahout in Action` book. The book is very good to get started with Mahout, but has been published end of 2011. After the book has been published, there had been a lot of changes to the Mahout API and the API in the book is not compatible with the API in the latest release of Mahout framework. Sean also started the taste framework which became part of the Mahout.

With the storage and compute costs going down a lot of interesting things are happening in the Machine Learning space like this. Myrrix has been folded into Cloudera and the plan is to integrate Myrrix with the Cloudera Hadoop. Myrrix and others like BigML, Ayasdi make using Machine Learning easy to use for the masses.

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