Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ubuntu - Syncing packages across multiple machines

I have multiple Ubuntu machines and couple of times I had to install Ubuntu from scratch either because the Ubuntu upgrade was not smooth or I messed it up. In either case after installing the Ubuntu, all the additional softwares had to be installed. I used to maintain a command similar to below in Dropbox
sudo apt-get install bum nautilus-dropbox vlc gufw ubuntu-restricted-extras nautilus-open-terminal pidgin freemind gimp subversion autoconf libsvn-java nethogs gedit-plugins skype okular wine1.3 artha alarm-clock git gnome-shell ssh qgit virtualbox virtualbox-guest-additions-iso kchmviewer id3v2 g++ lxde chromium-browser
`Ubuntu Software Center` which is installed by default in Ubuntu has the feature (File -> Sync Between Computers ....) for syncing installed packages across multiple Ubuntu machines. The list of packages installed is maintained online.

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