Friday, March 9, 2012

Home partition under Ubuntu

As mentioned in the previous blog I was playing with LXDE as a replacement for Unity Desktop Environment for Ubuntu. For some reason (after installing/uninstalling some components of LXDE) the Notebook was not booting into either Unity or LXDE, reinstalling LXDE again was of no use. Luckily, I created a separate partition for home and it was a matter of just reinstalling Ubuntu 11.10 under root (/) from CD, updating it (sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade) and installing the required softwares (sudo apt-get install ......). The data in the home partition was intact.

In the past I had experiences where Ubuntu upgrade was not smooth and had to re-install Ubuntu loosing all the data because home didn't exist in a  separate partition. Ubuntu has a 6 months release cycle and it is recommended to freshly install Ubuntu instead of upgrading, along with having a separate partition for home.

I haven't tried out, but having a separate partition for home might also help to share the user data among multiple OS on a single machine.

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