Friday, June 16, 2017

GCP for AWS Professionals

As many of you know I had been working with AWS (public Cloud from Amazon) for quite some time and so I thought of getting my feet wet with GCP (public Cloud from Google). I tried to find some free (????) MOOC around GCP and didn't find many.

Google partnered with Coursera and started a MOOC on the GCP fundamentals. It covers the different GCP fundamentals at a very high level with a few demos. Here is the link for the same. There is also documentation from Google comparing the GCP and the AWS platform here.

As I was going through the above mentioned MOOC, I could clearly map many of the GCP services with the AWS services which I am more comfortable with. Here is the mapping between the different GCP and the AWS services. The mappings are really helpful for those who are comfortable with one of the Cloud platform and want to get familiar with the other.

AWS provides free resources for the developer to get more familiar and to get started with their platform. Same is the case with GCP, a 300$ credit which is valid for 1 year is provided. Both the Cloud vendors provide a few services for free for the first year and there are some services will are free life long with some usage limitations.

Maybe it's my perspective, but the content around AWS seems to be much more robust and organized when compared to the GCP documentation. Same is the case with the Web UI also. Anyway, here is documentation for AWS and here is the documentation for AWS.

Happy clouding.

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