Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Improving crop output using big data

This recent article`India to launch $75m mission to forecast rains`got my attention. The meteorological department had been doing a very poor job forecasting the weather. Forget about the hourly/daily, the complete season forecast was of no use to the farmers who depend on the rains for their crop.

From the above mentioned article `Last year they predicted a bad monsoon, but in the end the rains turned out to be in excess of what was forecast.`

So, this made me think why not invest a small fraction of the $75m to fund a competition in Kaagle to forecast the weather for the next monsoon with all the data  available with the meteorological department. To my knowledge, there shouldn't be any problem to share the data in the public.

If someone has a contacts with the meteorological department, please pass this information to them.

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