Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Theme of the blog

Hadoop is an open-source Java framework for distributed processing of large amounts of data. Hadoop is based on MapReduce programming model published by Google. As you browse through the web, there is a better chance that you are touching Hadoop or MapReduce model in some way.

The beauty of open-source is that the framework is open for anyone to use and modify it to their own requirement with enough commitment. But, the big challenge in adopting Hadoop or in fact any other open-source framework is the lack of documentation. Even if it's there, it might be sparse or stale. And, sometimes no documentation is better than incorrect or outdated documentation.

As I journey through learning Hadoop, I will blog tips and tricks for the development, debugging and usage of Hadoop. Feel free to comment on the blog entries for any corrections or any better way of doing things

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