AWS Cloud Training

More and more companies are moving to the Cloud to save on the CAPEX (CAPital EXpenditure) and OPEX (OPerational EXpenditure). With the Cloud the infrastructure can be provisioned within minutes and not in days and months as it happens in the traditional approach. This gives an opportunity for startup and big companies to build new products/services and roll out new features to the end users quickly. Also, with the Cloud there is no commitment. For example, we can use a server from a few minutes as long as we want to any pay for exactly what we use and nothing more, if we don't use the server we don't need to pay anything. It's exactly like renting a car, pay for the number of days we use the car.

Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure are the popular Cloud vendors offering different Cloud services. Out of them Amazon AWS is leader and captures a good percentage of the Cloud market. Getting familiar with Amazon AWS increases the probability of getting into the Cloud space when compared to the other Cloud services. Amazon AWS has been developing new services and features at a very fast pace, almost daily some new features are being introduced. AWS has become so dominant that Microsoft and Google clouds have been comparing them with Amazon Cloud (here and here).

AWS Cloud offers many services, it takes a full time task to get comfortable. This is were help in the form of training helps. Our AWS trainings would help anyone to build a highly Highly Available and Highly Scalable applications quickly. We do provide AWS Architect and AWS Developer trainings covering the below topics, but not limited to.

- Introduction to Cloud Computing
- Cloud Computing Models
- Cloud Computing Risks and Concerns
- Virtualization
- Introduction to AWS
- Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), AMI, AutoScaling
- IP addressing scheme and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
- Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)
- Elastic Block Storage (ELB)
- Simple Storage Service (S3)
- Elastic File System (EFS)
- Simple Notification Service (SNS)
- Simple Queue Service (SQS)
- Relational Database Service (RDS)
- Route53
- CloudWatch
- CloudFormation
- CloudFront
- Identity and Access Management (IAM)
- DynamoDB
- Project with case studies

If you are an individual or a corporate and have specific training requirement around AWS, then we can cater to them. For more details, please send us an email at If you still want to do it on your own, here are some nice articles to get started with Amazon AWS.

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