Friday, March 1, 2019

Webinar to know about CKAD and CKA Kubernetes Certifications

Kubernetes is all about orchestrating Microservices. Instead of repeating what it's all about, here is home page for Kubernetes with more details. CNCF offers CKAD and CKA certifications around Kubernetes. While CKAD is more from a developers perspective, CKA is from administration perspective. Out of these CKA is a bit tougher compared to CKAD. While most of the certifications are theoretical, the Kubernetes Certifications are practical, a set of tasks have to be completed in a given time on a Kubernetes cluster. So, hands on is pretty much required for the Certifications.

Here is a recorded webinar from CNCF on getting started with the Certifications. I was preparing for the Kubernetes certification, but got deviated. Planning to get back to get back to the Certifications again. Will write a detailed blog on these Certification once I get through the Certifications.

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