Saturday, July 6, 2013

My new Canon 600D Digital SLR (DSLR)

I had been using Nikon N65 film SLR for some time and a Sony point and shoot camera.  But, the cost for getting the film developed and time for the processing is a pain in the neck. So, decided to buy a digital SLR (DSLR) and was fluctuating to buy a Canon 600D or a Nikon D5100. After looking at reviews and taking the advice from those who have used SLRs a lot, finally settled with a Canon 600D (also known as T3i) from Flipkart.

Digital SLRs are nice and can take some very good pictures, but are complex to use. The manual provided by Canon has 323 pages and the DSLR has more then 20 controls and tons of options. But, not to mention it takes some nice photos. Below is a picture of my kid with a bicycle we made with Awesome Strawesome. The focus in on the bicycle with the background blurred, this gives a depth to the picture as below. The LCD monitor of the monitor has a swivel, so that I need not twist myself to get pictures at an odd angle.

The main disadvantage of using a DSLR is the size and the weight. Many times I was a bit lazy to carry it with me on different occasions and wish I had it. I have seen smart phones which fit into a pocket easily taking some nice pictures. Anyway, both DSLRs and Smart Phones have their own space for photography.

There are a lot of nice resources on the internet and books also on digital photography. Technology really interests me, but it's nice to get away/diverted from it once a while.

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