Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hadoop 1.0 Release

There has been a lot of media coverage/hype/attention on Hadoop 1.0 release announced by Apache. There is nothing much fancy about it. It's just a re-branding of the 0.20.2* release and has been in production for quite some time. Here is the announcement from HortonWorks.

Without being quite involved in the Hadoop groups, it's very tough to know about the different releases and what's going into each of them with the pros and cons.

0.20.2* which had been used for quite some time is rebranded as 1.0, while the release with next the generation MapReduce is called 0.23. Hadoop should get the version numbering streamlined for more adoption. There had been a very lengthy discussion in the mailing groups about the versioning without any conclusion.

Edit (10th January, 2012)Cloudera has made it clear about the different Hadoop releases and and a bit of history about them.

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