Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bye bye -

It had been close to four nice years writing on this blog. Those who had been following closely might have noticed that I had been not much active writing on this blog. I have incorporated Dattamsha Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd (OPC) and had lately blogging at
The new site is a WIP, but I would be blogging there with the latest happenings around Big Data and offering various services around the same. There are multiple ways to get updated with the posts on the new site

- Subscribe to the blog via email
- Follow on Twitter / Facebook
- Use any RSS Aggregator like Feedly on the feed.
- or to visit the site on a regular basis :)

For the curious I am using Wordpress hosted on Bluehost. Blogger was a low hanging fruit to get started with blogging, but hasn't gone through much development lately. Wordpress has tons of plugins to start and since it is hosted and not a service, can be customized to the maximum extent.

See you @ Dattamsha.

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